Legendre Transform

The Legendre transform is a way to describe a function in terms of it’s supporting hyperplanes. It is most useful for closed convex functions – in that case the supporting hyperplanes retain all the information present in the original function.. Here we motivate the (multidimensional) Legendre transform as an intuitive encoding of these supporting hyperplanes.

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  1. Greetings I found your website by mistake when i searched Google for this concern, I have to point out your page is really very helpful I also really like the design, it is wonderful!

  2. It is very helpful :razz: to me! Very nice!

  3. Thanks for the description. I knew that the Legendre-Fenchel transform has a geometric interpretation, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a short and intuitive statement of what that is.

    • Yeah, for a long time I had the feeling that there was something geometric going on, but it wasn’t until I read Jonathan Manton’s article (linked above) that it finally made sense.

  4. f^* is convex so I’m not sure if the graph for f^* is right. I think it should be upside down!

  5. Very nice explanation! Thanks a lot.

    Joaquin Delgado

  6. Thanks, I haven’t heard about this interpretation before. Really helpful

  7. Concave Expression

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  8. Thanks a lot, the plots really help here ! The idea just looks so beautiful now :)

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