Hi! My name is Nick Alger. This website is an archive of some fun art I made and projects I worked on years ago. Most of it is very old (for example, the 3D maps and models are all from before 2006), though some things (like the coin balancing) are recent.

I try to make the source to my maps and work available for download. I give everyone permission to modify, incorporate, republish, remix, or otherwise use my creations however they see fit. The one rule is that you don’t claim my work as your own. Also, if you use my work I would appreciate it if you let me know (though this is not required). If you find something interesting, feel free to email me or leave a comment!


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  1. I was looking for a good explanation of Legendre Transform so that I can explain its importance to the Informatics students, and I found the best one online at maze5.net. As I was about to cite the person for the notes, I noticed two keywords that soaked me into the ocean of nostalgia — Maze and Nick. At this point I have no fear of blindly postulating that I am talking to “the” Nick who lived in South, “the” Nick whom I tried to assassinate with peanut butter. I hope all is well, the puzzle maker!

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